Monday 06 June 2016

International Students

On Wednesday 1 June a group of 28 very eager and excited international students transitioned from the ELICOS Program to Mainstream Year 9, 10 and 11 classes.

The first and second days in Mainstream went very well as many students excitedly reported back to ELICOS staff about the new friends they made, teachers they met and very interesting class activities that they encountered. A big thank you to the Food Tech department as Year 9 student Dinah returned to the International Centre with a sample of the potato bread that she had just baked!

The Ivanhoe International ELICOS Centre offers a program of intensive English instruction fully accredited by the National English Language Teaching Accreditation Scheme (NEAS).

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a robust International program. International students first attended the School in 1943 from Malaysia and Indonesia. Since then the School has welcomed students from all over South East Asia.

The School is a co-educational day school of over 2000 students and is endorsed to enrol international students from Preparatory to Year 12. Students can enrol at The Ridgeway Campus in Ivanhoe or Plenty Campus in Mernda.

Ivanhoe Grammar School welcomes students of all nationalities and faiths, and values the richness of its population, which reflects the multi-cultural nature of contemporary Australian society.