Sunday 30 November 2014

International Baccalaureate Incursion

The International Baccalaureate Incursion held on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 November was an outstanding success. Amongst other activities, Diploma Program students witnessed the Year 12 students complete their Theory of Knowledge Presentations and listened to a schedule of stimulating lectures delivered by highly qualified guest speakers. The level of intellectual engagement demonstrated how the IB’s Learner Profile meshes well with Ivanhoe Grammar School’s academic and co-curricular objectives.

In general, good Theory of Knowledge questions do not have easy answers. ‘To what extent do the media influence judgments of beauty?’ and ‘Is altruism possible?’ were among the topics Year 12 students wrestled with. It was a tremendous learning experience for Year 11 students, faced with the same task in late 2015.

Dr Kate Hoy, a Monash University neuroscientist, spoke about her research into schizophrenia and related cognitive impairments. Her information was of particular interest to the many Psychology students in the audience. Deakin University Professor Yin Paradies explained how knowledge is acquired in the social sciences and discussed his research into factors contributing to racism. Dr Norman Do, a Monash University mathematician, excited the students with his off-beat tour of the world of mathematics, arguing that his work is the best possible job one can have. Dr David McCarthy, also from Monash University, spoke about his work as a water engineer, highlighting the process and perils associated with mathematical modelling.

Elise Dunstan and David Gibbs spoke about volunteer opportunities with the charity Orphfund and the Cambodia Service Project. Their passion for these programs inspired students and provided ideas for how they might satisfy the requirements of the Creativity, Activity and Service component of their program.