Wednesday 29 November 2017

Induction Service for Year 12 Students and Prefects

On Tuesday 28 November, our senior students took part in our annual Leadership Service at the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral. This is always an important and treasured event as our year 12 students are inducted as leaders of our school community, along with the newly elected Prefects.

The Service includes traditions spanning back to our founding Headmaster, Reverend Sydney Buckley, who read 1 Peter 5:2-7 to students at the very first Service of this kind. Through this reading, we ask our year 12 students to express humility and humbleness, to look after one another, and to be honourable and caring leaders of their entire community. A fabulous tradition, this passage has been read out at every Leadership Service for the past 102 years by a significant mentor within the teaching staff.

The reading’s sentiment was reinforced by our Principal, Gerard Foley. He asked our Year 12 students to seek truth and justice over popularity, and to set an example through their words and actions – reminding them that they are models to which our younger students aspire. In his sermon, Bishop Philip Higgins also shared stories about courageous and kind leaders, reflecting the importance of living by these virtues.

It was a truly wonderful afternoon and helps set the tone for our Year 12 students as they move forward into their final year at Ivanhoe Grammar School. ‘Go forth into the world in peace’

“The prefect induction was a great event for both campuses to come to together and be inducted as prefects of the school. For me personally it was an opportunity for our families to come together and celebrate our achievement with our loved ones.”

Zoe, 2018 Prefect

“The magnificent cathedral, combined with our families, peers and staff set the scene for an exciting year ahead. An inspiring sermon by Bishop Huggins about how leadership is best when it is courageous and kind established the foundation for us newly inducted leaders of the school.”

Georgie, 2018 Prefect