Friday 22 November 2019

Induction Service for Year 12 Students and Leaders

On Thursday 21 November, the Induction Service for Year 12 Students and Leaders was held at the spectacular Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The School’s musicians and choirs provided a beautiful ambience and backdrop to the official proceedings.

This service is steeped in tradition and history dating back to founding Headmaster, reverend Sydney Buckley who read 1 Peter 5:2-7 to students at the very first service of this kind. The reading asks our students to express humility and humbleness, to look out for each other, to be honourable and caring leaders of the community.

On the day the Reverend Christopher Carolane welcomed the school community to the proceedings, the Reverend Doctor John Dickson performed the sermon and our school Principal Gerard Foley inducted 44 Prefects including four Captains.

The afternoon was a truly wonderful experience for all and we congratulate all of our new student leaders. To be appointed as a Captain and Prefect and be a part of the student leadership team at Ivanhoe Grammar School is a great honour.

Our school Captains reflected on their vision for 2020:

Ethan Clare – Captain

I’m excited and looking forward to being involved in all school events in 2020 especially considering that it is Plenty’s 30th anniversary and also the Round Square Conference coming to Ivanhoe. I would really like to promote the value of extra-curricular activities to all students at Ivanhoe. Through my time at Ivanhoe I have made many great memories doing many of these and I would love for other students to take up these same opportunities that I have had.  I would like to help students to feel confident and courageous to step out of their comfort zone and try something new to better themselves as a person. 

Vaida Mancino – Captain

In 2020 I hope to not only bring the Ridgeway and Plenty campuses closer together but also strengthen the ‘community’ feel at the Plenty Campus by bringing all the year levels closer together. I would like to ensure that everyone at Ivanhoe Grammar School, in particular at the Plenty Campus, feels they are an important part of our school community and feel comfortable and supported at school with their peers. In doing so, I hope that students will feel confident in voicing their opinions and ideas in a school environment. I also hope that by acting as a role model to younger year levels, students will follow and, for example, improve sustainable actions taken around the school by engaging in the e-waste skip or using reusable coffee cups or increased involvement in co-curricular activities across all year levels.

Tristan Bell – Captain

I’m really excited and looking forward to working with the leadership teams in the year ahead. I feel really honoured to be in my position for the coming year, especially because of the opportunities I have with the student body to work together to try and get any issues sorted or find anyways we can improve the school in a way which will suit everybody. I’m looking forward to contributing and giving back to the school community as it has brought so much for everyone I feel, in the sense of the encouraging environment we see especially within the senior years and student enterprise centre.

Haleena Nguyen – Captain

I feel very honoured to be a co-captain of Ivanhoe Grammar School. I feel as though the school community has given me so much and I am very grateful to be given a position in which I can give back to the community. I hope to work with the prefect team and wider school community to realise their ideas in order to maintain and deepen the school’s sense of support and camaraderie. I have always found the school a very supportive place and I would love that everyone feel the same way too.