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Induction Service

23 November 2018

On Thursday 22 of November the Induction Service for Year 12 Students and Leaders was held at the spectacular Saint Paul’s Cathedral in central Melbourne in front of the Senior School, the Prefects and parents who attended the event.

The community was welcomed by Bishop Kate Prowd, Bishop of the Oodthenong Area of the Diocese. Jon Owen from the class of 1993 and current Pastor/CEO of the Wayside Chapel in Sydney inspired our senior students and student leaders, urging them to spend time building their eulogies rather than their resumes, reflecting on that whilst resumes focus on ourselves eulogies talk about the impact that we have had on the lives of others.

Our 36 Prefects including four Captains were inducted by School Principal, Gerard Foley. In his address, he said, "May you lead this community with compassion, selflessness, integrity and understanding and uphold the attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner - to be Courageous, Compassionate, Collaborative, Innovative, Balanced, Ethical and Reflective."

This service is steeped in tradition and history with Chairman of the Board Daniel Proietto doing a reading, 1 Peter 5: 2-7, that has been used to induct Prefects since the very inception of Ivanhoe Grammar School when The Reverend Sydney Buckley was Principal of the School. For 103 years we have asked our Year 12 students to express humility and care for one another and the wider community.

It is such a great honour to be appointed as a Captain and Prefect and be a part of the student leadership team at Ivanhoe Grammar School. Some of our student leaders reflected on their vision for 2019:

Mila Simkus - Captain

As Captain I’m really looking forward to working closely with Jet and my peers and teachers to continue to improve the inclusivity of the Ivanhoe community. I endeavour to be someone who people feel they can approach with any ideas, and then I will do my best to allow those ideas to come to life. I believe my role as Captain is to be there to enable other people’s ideas, rather than create them myself. I am also excited to work with Bella and Ed to strengthen our cross-campus relations which will inevitably lead to a more cohesive community.

Jethro Worsam - Captain

My vision is pretty simple – to ensure that Ivanhoe's incredible culture remains inclusive and cohesive throughout the entire school. I’m incredibly proud to be a Captain of such an amazing school, filled with incredible people. I’ll do my best to make sure that everyone has a great year. 

Isabella Saliba - Captain

My vision as Captain is to instil the school spirit into both the teachers, parents and my fellow peers in all year levels. As I have so much pride in both my school and also my house, Thoresby, I intend to do all that I can so that the younger year levels also embrace and encompass the school spirit. I endeavour to advocate for greater participation in the wide breadth of extra-curricular activities that the School has to offer, as I know how much I have gained from doing so. Ultimately, I hope that my example will inspire others to try everything that's available to them and to make every moment count.

Conroy Burton - Prefect

My vision of my role as Prefect is to help the school grow closer together, and improve further. I would like to accomplish this through increasing communication through the year levels, helping the younger students feel more confident in talking to the older students.  I would also like to contribute to an increased involvement in school activities. I feel extracurricular activities like debating, sports and school production are ways for us to step out of our comfort zone and build different friendship groups. I would like to help the House Leaders foster enthusiasm to increase participation in House activities. 

Madona Gergis - Prefect

As a Prefect I would like to make a positive impact on the School community, and make the School more environmentally friendly, which will thankfully then have a positive impact on the wider community.


Bella Saliba, Edward Darby, Mila Simkus and Jethro Worsam


Conroy Burton Jess Cameron William Chen
Alice Chernishoff James Dafnas Edward Darby
Katherine Drummond Annaliese Filippis Anastasia Fiume
Emily Gallagher Madona Gergis Tahlia Giaprakis
Olivia Gliddon Tyler Jiang Kiralee Kouvas
Julia Moorhen Tilly Nicoll Ella Phillips
Regan Phillips Will Polizzi Lauren Powell
Amy Reddrop Andrew Rigoni Shreya Rowe
Bella Saliba Tom Salomon Milla Simkus
Henry Sundram Shristi Tamang Tayla Vanderwert
Patrick Vaughan Harry Walkley Tom Wang
Paddy Wong Niamh Woodward Jethro Worsam