Thursday 19 October 2017

India Trip Student Reflection

Year 9 student Fraser wrote an inspiring reflection about his experience on the recent India trip. And it calls to mind Maya Angelou’s words: that ‘we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike’.

“Seeing India has made me see that in the world, everyone is the same.

At Daly College, we performed at an assembly and at the end of the assembly, the Principal of the school said something that has really stayed with me: he said that it was lovely to have us visiting to learn about cultural differences, but he hoped what we would see is that we are the same. He talked about how everyone in the world is the same, no matter their ideologies, the country they were born in, the language they speak or the pigment of their skin. He talked about how we are all part of one world and we should work together.

I really liked this because it is true, and I think all the wars and fights in the world would stop if everyone realised that we are all the same.”