Thursday 01 September 2022

House Arts Competition and Student Arts Assembly

On Friday 26 August the Senior Years Assembly was led by our Arts Prefects, Christian Arnel and Lara Myles and our Head of Learning Area – Art & Design, Ms Patterson. This was the first time we have run a Senior Years Arts assembly which was an accumulation of both Visual and Performing Arts. The assembly lineup included musical items by the talented Clancy McCue, Oscar Wilson and Leion Katebian along with the Senior Jazz Combo.

The Arts prefects shared recorded interviews with alumni students Sophie Day ‘16 and Ruby Lulham ‘13 who shared their post-schooling pathways that involved the Arts. Sophie completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at Melbourne University, is currently preparing for her second solo exhibition in painting and has coupled this with a professional career in cricket, representing Victoria in WNCL, playing for Melbourne Stars. Ruby completed a Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance) at Monash University and works in the airforce orchestra. Her passion is her music performance which has led to her highly professional and creative project called ‘Clariloops’.  These were inspirational interviews for our students, particularly those with a passion for the Arts.

The assembly culminated with the House Arts competition and the announcement of placings. For several weeks each House competed in the Senior House Arts competition. The House prefects gathered students together at Locksley over a couple of lunchtimes to complete the artworks. Each house was given a packet of small tiles with imagery that had to be recreated on a larger scale. Eventually, the pieces were joined together to create a famous artwork. Students did not know what they were drawing until the big reveal at the Arts assembly. Sherwood recreated Andy Warhol’s ‘Cow’, Thoresby worked on Sidney Nolan’s ‘Ned Kelly’, Lincoln was tasked with Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and finally Athelstane reproduced Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. It was wonderful to see so many students back at Lockelsy to work on an art project.

We congratulate Thoresby House on winning the competition. This was followed by Lincoln in second place, Sherwood in third and, finally, Athelstane. The House Arts competition was a wonderful way for students (and staff) to connect and express themselves. We look forward to the competition in 2023.

Ms Jacinta Patterson