Monday 31 August 2015

Hoop Time Basketball Tournament

The Hoop Time tournaments are run by Basketball Victoria to promote the game and allow for primary school children to compete in friendly yet competitive situations. The day is designed to cater for children at various levels of development.

Buckley House students were represented by two Boys and 1 Girls team in ‘All Stars’, one mixed team in ‘Future Stars’ and one mixed team in ‘Rookies’. All teams performed really well with a mixture of results across the teams. There were some superstar shooters who scored goal after goal and grabbed rebound after rebound. It was also very exciting to watch a couple of players score their first ever goal at this tournament.

When the students were not playing, they socialised and had fun together; it was also great to see all the teams supporting the other Buckley House teams when they were not playing.

Special mention goes to the ‘Rookie’ team who played fantastic Basketball and really improved during the day, there were no finals in this division but they did manage to win every game! The ‘All Star’ Girls team won the Grand Final (beating a team that defeated them in the round games!) and they now qualify for the Regional rounds of ‘Hoop Time’ early next term.

A big thank you to all the parent helpers/coaches who gave up their time to coach and manage a team on the day.