Thursday 28 May 2015

Homelessness – who really cares?

On Monday 25 May the Charities Committee meeting was held during lunchtime. Peter Royce (’06) was invited to the School to discuss his work with the St Vincent De Paul soup van program and 300 Blankets, a not for profit organisation providing blankets for people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

The blankets are obtained through donations from the community and are distributed throughout Victoria and the organisation works with a variety of support groups and charities to make a significant difference in the lives of the people at risk or experiencing homelessness.

Peter encouraged the students to write a message on a piece of paper which is inserted into the blanket bag (see images below). He also relayed his experiences working with St Vincent De Paul and the difference that you can make to somebody’s life.

The students were inspired to work with the organisation and have registered for ongoing participation. Becoming involved is also a stepping-stone to connect with like-minded alumni as they become involved in June/July.

For more information, please contact Alumni Coordinator:

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