Friday 07 November 2014

Happiness Conference

A component of the Year 6 Integrated Unit is looking at the formula for happiness and learning about the many aspects involved in being happy, including nurturing the mind, body and soul.

On Wednesday 22 October a ‘Happiness Conference’ was held at Buckley House for our Primary students with a number of guest speakers invited to attend the event, including Robel Gereweld who is originally from Ethiopia and is currently attending Year 9 at Mount Alexander College. The School connected with her through Hotham Mission, an organisation that the School did some fundraising for on Enterprise Day.

The guest speakers spoke about a range of topics such as goal realisation, mindfulness, health and wellbeing, exploring and discovering individual character strengths and the importance of challenging yourself.

Each speaker was asked what their formula for happiness is, with a wide variety of answers given including: family, friends, socialising, expanding the mind, thinking, challenging situations, finding purpose, changing the world around you, health and enjoying life.

The conference concluded with some fun games and activities in the School pool.