Friday 05 August 2016

Handstand for Poverty

Year 9 student, Tom Salomon has brought together his love of gymnastics and sense of social justice to raise funds for the India Washroom Project through handstand walking for 3km’s throughout the month of August.

Tom will be part of the School group that goes to India at the end of September which will involve undertaking a cultural course at Daly College and travelling to see other major Indian landmarks. When researching Daly College, Tom came across the India Washroom Project and came up with this initiative to raise funds for the project and draw attention to the plight of Indian students.

He was inspired to do something to help the plight of Indian students who lack education and health services in schools he came up with this novel idea.

The India Washroom Project works with Daly College, The International Round Square and DMU Global to build new washrooms and teach English in schools. The education of children in India is so important for the future of their country and the lack of toilet facilities at many schools is making it difficult for many children to attend school.

If you would like to support Tom’s challenge and this wonderful initiative please go to his gofundme page: