Friday 10 August 2018

Greenway Cup

On the evening of Wednesday 8 August, over 150 students, parents, staff, and guests from Ivanhoe Grammar School and Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School witnessed two teams of intellectual giants put on a riveting display of rhetorical flair, stage-hardened confidence, and indisputable logic.

A mere two hours earlier, five students from each school had been given the secret topic – ‘That journalists should not be allowed to report on the private lives of politicians’ – and began preparations without the assistance of technology.

First contested in 1932, the perpetual Greenway Cup had been won 40 times by Ivanhoe Girls’ and 41 times by Ivanhoe Grammar School. Wednesday evening offered our cross-town rivals the chance to even the scores. By the end of the evening, our Year 12 debaters Matthew Kauffman, Linus Mayes, and Lucy Coulter, ably assisted by researchers Noah McShanag-Munn and Meredith Tyler, had convinced the three adjudicators provided by the Debaters Association of Victoria that our arguments against the proposition were strongest. Their decision was unanimous.

Equally unanimous was the feeling amongst the crowd that the Greenway Cup showcases the best of our schools and is a wonderful tradition that should continue for at least another 80 years. Congratulations to all involved.