Thursday 18 October 2018

The Graduating Class of 2018

As we draw towards the end of the School year the time comes when we have to say goodbye to our Year 12s. This week has seen many final year activities and assemblies celebrating the graduating class of 2018 and all they have achieved over the many years they have been part of the Ivanhoe family. This is a bittersweet time as teachers and students reflect on the past and also look to the future.

In the words of our Principal, Gerard Foley, “The end of year is one of those times when we are torn between the joy of our memories and the excitement of our future. Be happy in the moment, take a moment to thank your parents for the sacrifices they have made and enjoy this special time.”

Year 12 student Nick Vacirca delivered a beautiful and moving speech at one of the final Year 12 assemblies.

Now I could stand up here and talk about how sad it is that we are leaving, especially after what we’ve achieved, but personally, I think I’ll leave the tears to Linus and Yusra. So, let’s look back on some of our achievements from 2018.

250 – 300 kids at MSAC to cheer on our swimmers which resulted in a girl and a boy coming second
,, Over 60 kids to cheered on our Basketball Team as they claimed the AGSV flag from Marcellin
,, We can’t forget our table tennis and badminton boys, both of which competed in the Grand Finals
,, Our debaters took home the Greenway Cup against Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School
,, Our girls took home their 3rd successive athletics flag
,, And our girls took home the volleyball flag
,, In addition, we also saw the likes of our year 12s take the lead position in the musical this year

As I look back, I wonder how we’ve been able to accomplish it all. Now the cynic would say, “The only achievements would be the basketball, volleyball and athletics flags.” But achieving isn’t about winning every trophy. And the last few days have only made that clearer. As WE have finished our classes, EVERY TEACHER at this school has emphasised that “as long as you apply the most of yourself, then you have truly won.” And throughout all that I have listed (and much more), I can assure you, we applied ourselves wholeheartedly over OUR LAST 12 months.

But I think we should also be asking, WHY, why we’ve been able to accomplish as much as we did. For me, I think that over these past six years, this year level has had the opportunity to become more, more than just students, more than just individuals. Together, we’ve become a community of young men and women who strive TO ACHIEVE.

And I’m sure, there are some people in this room who feel as though school in general is just all too repetitive. I get that. Waking up at 7am, every morning and finishing at 3.30pm every day is what school is for most kids, a simple cycle. BUT, one key aspect that I believe separates US FROM EVERY OTHER SCHOOL, is that we understand that school is what YOU make of it. That Ivanhoe Grammar School is as great as it is, because we, the students make it so. Because we BELIEVE it so.

And in the years to come, when I hear the name Ivanhoe, it won’t just mean school to me. It will mean SO MUCH MORE. The people I’ve met here, the friends I’ve made, the values I’ve created…because of Ivanhoe. All of it, integral in making myself the young man I am today. And I’m positive that everyone in this room, feels exactly the same way. Which is why when we step off the School grounds one last time, this place, will always be home!

Take a look at the Year 12 video, Proud to be Ivanhoe, created by our students