Wednesday 05 October 2016

Girls’ Badminton All Schools Championships

On Tuesday 4 October, six players from the Girls’ 1st badminton team participated in the All Schools Championship held in Altona. After months of commitment and dedication to early morning training drills and holiday sessions in the off-season, Aisha Farouque, Marina Gonzalvo, Isabelle McCubbery, Olivia Loh, Anny Xie and Kayla Sgambellone were chosen to represent Ivanhoe at this event.

The Girls’ team was met with fierce competition against many of the schools such as MacRobertson Girls, Haileybury, Wesley College, PEGS and Gilmore Girls College. Everyone was grateful for the learning experience and the chance to build a sense of team spirit which was a lot of fun for all involved.

This year, the goal was to improve on the previous performance in this competition and this was certainly achieved by coming 3rd in the Second Division of 10 teams; everyone was very proud of the hard work as well as the opportunity to represent the School in such a competition.

Dedicated coach, Mr Diep has been providing ongoing support and organisation of every training session as well as the constant encouragement and inspiration that made this competition so successful.

Badminton is such an enjoyable and exciting sport and we look forward to the Girls’ 1st team becoming even stronger over the next few years.