Tuesday 05 March 2024

Futures Mentor Program

The School is delighted to welcome the new Director of Student Futures Daniela Curcio and launch the introduction of the Futures Mentor Program. This innovative initiative involves mentor teachers engaging in purposeful conversations centred around students’ future aspirations and academic accomplishments. The program commences with a mandatory interview for each student during Term 2, 2024 marking the beginning of a journey towards personalised guidance and support to empower students in navigating their future pathways effectively.

‘The Futures Mentor Program is designed to integrate career education with student wellbeing and academic development. The program places students at the centre and involves personalised mentoring by teachers. The launch of the new Futures arm of the program signifies a commitment to providing students with a holistic approach to their personal and professional growth. This project aims to ensure students are well-prepared for their future careers while nurturing their overall wellbeing and academic success,’ said Daniela.

The core objective of the Futures Mentor Program is to ensure that every student receives tailored attention and counsel concerning their academic journey, career ambitions, and personal growth. Through these interviews, students will have the invaluable opportunity to consider their objectives, obstacles, and forthcoming plans with their mentor. This platform serves as a pivotal moment for each student to outline their university preferences and chart a course towards academic excellence.

The School firmly believes that these interviews will serve as a cornerstone in aiding our students to make well-informed decisions regarding their post-school endeavours, whether it involves pursuing further education, vocational training, or embarking on a professional career. The profound insights gleaned from these dialogues will equip the School to provide enhanced support to students as they strive to realise their aspirations and unlock their full potential.

Throughout the year, all students will attend targeted information sessions and assemblies where they can hear directly from the Director of Student Futures about the variety of pathway options and specifically about the application processes to attend university in 2025. Moreover, a dedicated Student Futures Teams channel offers students up-to-date and pertinent information on university, various other academic pathways, and important deadlines for applications.

We are thrilled to have Daniela on board and excited about how the Futures Mentor Program will provide students with tailored career educational support to prepare them and set them up for their future careers.