Monday 02 July 2018

Futures Evening

On Thursday 14 June the 2018 Futures Evening was held. This seminar series and tertiary expo was a huge success with students from years 9 – 12 and their parents in attendance. The theme was, Navigating your academic pathway through school in a way that prepares you for your tertiary future does not need to be complicated. It just requires access to the right information.

There was a new element to the evening this year with the introduction of a service information area, as Director of Student Futures, Justin Peat explained, “The 2018 Future Pathways Evening comprised three parts: A Tertiary Futures Expo, Future Pathway Seminars, and new this year, a service information area where parents and students could converse with Curriculum Leaders about the various senior-year courses on offer.”

This new area provided the opportunity for Curriculum Leaders to respond directly to student and parent queries about the value of individual courses as they contemplate their academic pathway through the senior years in a way that prepares them for their tertiary future.

Future pathway seminars provided students and parents with the opportunity to hear from professionals sourced from the School’s wider community who have gone on to become either industry leaders or experts in their chosen field.

Seminars covered topics as diverse as how the industry is evolving; specialisations within the industry; technical and transferable skills (students should develop); potential employment opportunities; and the future of the industry.

This cross-campus event attracted in excess of 350 families, eleven tertiary institutions were present (including Defence Force Recruitment, Victoria Police, and The University of Melbourne – currently Ivanhoe’s most popular destination) and 12 industry experts presented a total of 21 pathway seminars.