Thursday 24 March 2022

Fuse Cup Winners

On Friday 18 March a team of Plenty Campus students from Years 5 and 6 represented the School at the State e-sports Fuse Cup at Wesley College and ended up taking out the team event. This was an incredible team effort, the students trained extremely hard, and the girls gained enough points in the Just Dance game to win the team event at the tournament. Congratulations to Aeryn (Year 6), Meghavini (Year 6), Natalie (Year 5) and Kiara (Year 5) on an incredible result.

Student Reflections

‘Everyone was really collaborative and supportive of each other. It was like a big party with strangers and freebies. It was also good to be there because we got to play games while they taught us to manage screen time and how to reach out if we needed help. Overall I had lots of fun and would do anything to go back there and do it again!’

‘Being a part of the Just Dance team was such an honour. It was so much fun and everyone was being so compassionate, encouraging, collaborative with each other. Everyone showed courage by dancing in front of all the other schools. We worked really hard in preparation for this event and it really paid off when we won!’

‘I had a great experience and enjoyed participating in the Just Dance competition on Friday 18 March. It was a lot of fun and I particularly enjoyed working together as a team to bring the trophy home. I was proud to be representing Ivanhoe Grammar School and really enjoyed the experience.’