Thursday 07 June 2018

Fundraising for Cambodia

A key component of the School’s commitment to Round Square is the service work that we do in Cambodia. In addition to all of the student-led fundraising activities that have taken place in 2018, two major fundraising events were held recently.

The Cambodia Trivia Night was held on Friday 1 June at The Ridgeway Campus and Concert for Cambodia was held on Monday 4 June at Plenty Campus. The combined amount raised was $10,350 which was a fantastic result, a testament to the hardworking and creative people involved, and will no doubt be of great help to our partners in Cambodia.

The Cambodia Trivia Night was a great success with 190 in attendance. There was so much enthusiasm with the volunteer spirit alive and well on the night.

The Concert for Cambodia celebrated the talent within our community, featuring student, staff, alumni and special guest performer Josh Piterman. All performances were outstanding.

Thanks to our wonderful students who worked all term along with staff for spending many hours preparing, assisting and encouraging our student committees and working tirelessly behind the scenes to make these two key School events such a success.

As a member of the Round Square group of schools, Ivanhoe shares the vision of taking education far beyond the academic to personal development and responsibility. The pillars or IDEALS of the network are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service and these IDEALS are embedded in every area of school life at Ivanhoe.

Thank you to the Ivanhoe community for all of your generous contributions.