Wednesday 21 May 2014

French Immersion Morning

On Tuesday 18 March Years 12 and 8 students took part in a French Immersion morning. Year 12 VCE and IB students were given the opportunity to take Year 8 students through a series of workshops on a French grammar point.

The Year 12 students not only got to experience teaching but it also helped to revise their own learning. They took part in lively discussions with the Year 8 students. It was an entertaining and rewarding learning format and a chance for students to take part in some out-of-class education.

The Year 8 students enjoyed talking in French and participating in French activities like translation and dictation. The workshops would not have been possible without the help of Teachers, Sarah Khalanski and Kasia van Leest.

Languages are offered in French and Japanese at Ivanhoe Grammar School and are celebrated in many innovative ways throughout the school year. Language Day is celebrated annually by Year 7 students with a range of activities designed to complement the languages program.