Monday 29 October 2018

Four Premiership Wins

Recently, Buckley House attended the Ivanhoe District Sporting Finals, qualifying (after competing in home and away games during the year) in all six sports. This is the first time in recent memory that all three Girls and all three Boys’ teams qualified for the finals. We were represented in the Girls and Boys’ Volleyball Finals, the Girls and Boys’ Softball Finals, the Boys’ Cricket Finals and the Girls’ Bat Tennis finals.

Even more exciting was the fact that five of the six teams won their semi-final in the morning and qualified for the Grand Final.

All teams performed to their potential, played wonderfully and represented the school in stellar fashion. At the end of the games, we actually came away with four premierships in Girls’ Volleyball, Girls’ Softball, Girls’ Bat Tennis and Boys’ Cricket.

Since then two of our teams – Girls’ Volleyball and Girls’ Softball have made it through to the Northern Metropolitan championships being held on Wednesday and Thursday this week. If either team is successful there they will qualify for the Stat Championships later in November.

What an incredible effort and good luck to both teams.