Wednesday 19 October 2016

Forensic Science

Forensics is the application of science in solving crimes and our young scientists are getting really good at it.

During the third week of Term 4 at Ivanhoe Grammar School, the Learning Well was converted into a crime scene for Year 7 students to visit as part of their current unit of work on Forensic Science.

Students were required to investigate the crime scene carefully for evidence, taking note of their observations.

In order to solve the murder mystery, students have to carry out a number of experiments in the laboratory, including DNA analysis and chromatography, before submitting a report which proves a suspect of being guilty of committing the crime.

This is a wonderful way to get students interested and involved in Science and it was great to see everyone enjoying this unit so much and learning about forensics in such a creative and hands-on way. A big thank you to the science Teachers for the hard work and preparation that they put into making this such a successful exercise.