Tuesday 06 May 2014

Football, netball and soccer off to a flying start


Playing against Trinity College, the footballers needed to dig deep to over-run a strong opposition. It had been nine years since the players had experienced a win against Trinity – and that was with a goal after the siren! So when they hit the front for the first time in the last quarter, the team was determined not to give up their lead and they didn’t, winning by 11 points.
,, Led by captain Kyle Langford, the back line continually forced the ball into the attacking half. Bailey Jordan was a great focal point up forward and Charlie Cromb certainly added some spark when he came onto the ground.
,, Whilst the senior boys in Sam Zito, Billy Murphy and Will Knight showed great leadership on the field, it was great to see some of the younger lads such as Harrison Reid, Luke Bunker, Steve Christou and Matthew Signorello (who kicked an important last quarter goal gaining the lead) all standing up when the pressure mounted. A terrific start to the season!
,, Score: Ivanhoe Grammar School 8.13.61 defeated Trinity 7.8.50

,, In a very high standard game, Ivanhoe played magnificently to overcome an early five goal deficit to come out 20 goal winners against a formidable Carey Grammar team. Led superbly by both captains, Alice Teague-Neeld and vice-captain, Tiffany Carr, the girls displayed marvellous composure with their passing and goal shooting.
,, Through the centre, Olivia Gigli, Eloise Whitcroft, Olivia Calleri and Emily Anderson continually moved the ball down the court to provide numerous scoring opportunities. Defenders, Georgia Harper and Isabella Hines also worked tirelessly to intercept and rebound against Carey attacks. This was a great start to the season, and importantly, it was a very good team effort.
,, Score: Ivanhoe Grammar School 65 defeated Carey Grammar 45

,, Playing against arch rivals Marcellin, the team got off to a great start. Matt Lauria, who continues to show great maturity on the field, scored the first goal at the 15 minute mark of the 1st half, after some great work in the opposition box from Tom Podaridis. With Evan Markogiannakis doing a great job in goal, the team was able to stem any forward attacks from the Marcellin strikers. A superb goal by Oliver Daly just before half time resulted in a strong position.
,, A late Marcellin goal in the 2nd half caused a few jitters, but Ivanhoe was able to hold out for a good win. Importantly, the players played well as a team and didn’t rely on just one or two individuals to do all the work.
,, Score: Ivanhoe Grammar School 2 defeated Marcellin 1