Thursday 14 July 2016

Film Festival

Year 9 students have had a full calendar of programs throughout the year to keep them engaged, interested and inspired. During Term 1 they held an Expo after they attended La Trobe University and after their Urban History Program in Term 2, students held a Film Festival with all the trappings; red carpet, paparazzi, awards and getting dressed to impress.

The Urban History program is held in Richmond at St Stephen’s. Students spend two weeks learning about what life was like in Melbourne and particularly in the inner suburbs, at the turn of the century. They produced a movie, which can be a documentary, a news report, a quiz show or even a music video to express what they have learned. Students gained an insight into life in the 1920’s, what life was like for the working man or working class children, suffragettes, transport and the importance of the Yarra River.

They also made a three minute trailer of their project and this was shared with parents and family. On the night of the Film Festival the students looked fabulous, the evening was hosted beautifully by three Year 9 students, and the trailers were varied, interesting and engaging.