Thursday 17 November 2016

A feast for your eyes

A feast for your eyes is the theme for the 2016 Buckley House Art Exhibition. All students from ELC3 to Year 6 contributed to a mouth-watering display of artwork.

Ceramic pizzas, sponge birthday cakes, and flavoured ice-cream constructions all helped to transform the Innovation Centre into an amazing Art Gallery space. Highlights of the Exhibition include a centrepiece display of fake party food, two large market umbrellas with hanging wooden spoon characters, apples and utensils which are best viewed when lying down.

The exhibition opened on Thursday night with many parents and staff attending. The collaborative artworks from each grade were auctioned off with all funds going towards the School’s service programs in Cambodia.

We thank the children for their hard work this year, for their enthusiasm and persistence when working on all art projects. The excitement they showed when they entered the gallery space and saw their work displayed was priceless.