Monday 23 March 2015

Family Kayaking Camp

For twenty years the School’s Kayak Team has showcased white water paddling to parents and beginner paddlers at Family Camp.

With over one hundred people attending, made up of beginner paddlers, family members, past student coaches and parents, it certainly makes for a unique community event on the School calendar.

Thirty junior paddlers have now gained their white water component in their month long beginners Kayak course. Ivanhoe staff members Peter Hogg, Ordette Webster and Tony Shen were impressed with the beginners who pushed themselves as they tackled the rapids on the Goulburn River. Three times Olympian Warwick Draper led the expert coaches, Old Ivanhoe Grammarians were led by Mitch Bodycoat and current senior paddlers, were in praise of all the beginners who made significant advances in their paddling skills and w look forward to them joining the program for many more adventures.

Thanks to the Kayak Parents’ Support Group led by David Le Mottee for their support over the weekend and to Ivanhoe staff who made the weekend possible.