Tuesday 03 November 2015

Student wins Whittlesea’s Student Recognition Award

Every year the City of Whittlesea hosts the Student Recognition Program; a wonderful way of recognising student ability and their dedication to the environment, community service, respect for others and strong leadership.

One student at Plenty Campus stood out for his wonderful efforts to demonstrate initiative and leadership within the school and wider community. Head of Plenty Campus, Mrs Deborah Sukarna and Year 10 Level Manager Mrs Rachel O’Keefe spotted Ethan’s dedication to this and nominated him for the 2015 program.

Earlier in the year Ethan organised the largest speedcubing competition in the country to raise funds to support various Cambodian charities. His passion for speedcubing was transformed into an innovative way of fundrasising for an important cause.

Almost 100 ‘cubers’ from around Australia headed to the Founders’ Centre to compete and a total of $1875 was raised from the day.

The award was presented to Ethan on 28 October at a ceremony at Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre along with a number of other students nominated by schools in the municipality. A brilliant success for fundraising and a student’s commitment to the wider community.

We congratulate Ethan on this wonderful achievement.