Wednesday 20 April 2016

Environment and Sustainability Group

Recently, a small group of interested students met for the inaugural meeting of the Environment and Sustainability group. Time was spent brainstorming ideas for ways that the group can have an impact around the school.

The concepts of Recycling, Re-using & Reducing are still considered very effective environmental principles. Paper is always recycled around the school but the focus is now on ways to reduce waste like encouraging classroom lights to be turned off when not in use and using re-fillable cups for coffee.

For Mother’s Day, the group will be involved in running a plant stall to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. The plants have been donated or grown from cuttings in pots that have been donated and re-used.

Coming up, the group plans to collect second-hand books suited to younger readers which will be sent to schools in Fiji, in another example of re-using useful items. Look out for posters around the school and if students want to get involved, the group is open to new members joining and it’s a great way to care for the planet.