Wednesday 14 September 2016

Enterprise Day

Throughout Term 3 primary students established various businesses and then displayed their creations in the Innovation Centre. As part of their Inquiry Unit, students investigated the roles that responsible entrepreneurs play in the community, before embarking on a mission to create their own philanthropic business.

On Tuesday 13 September the Innovation Centre came alive and the atmosphere was electric with proud students’ displaying various businesses that had been established over the course of Term 3 to their peers and teachers.

There were second-hand toys, pet rocks, badges and bows and several ingenious crafty ideas on display. All proceeds from the day are to be donated to Hotham Mission’s homework club, an initiative that helps young people in the Flemington and Kensington areas have a safe and resourceful place to complete their homework.

The young philanthropists of Year 6 are very proud to have raised nearly $3000 for their chosen charity. We congratulate all of the students on all they have achieved during this very busy term.