Thursday 02 August 2018

Edward Darby

Year 11 student Edward Darby is a member of the Schools successful Equestrian Team and is due to compete at the Equestrian Interschools National Championships in early October where he has qualified in three disciplines. We recently got the chance to catch up with this talented rider.

How long have you been riding horses and how did you get involved in the sport?

I have been riding since I was about three. When I was three my mum who was and still is a keen rider started putting me on a horse. That’s where it started, one of my earliest memories was the first time I cantered on my old grey Pony which also happened to be the first time I fell off!

How many events did you qualify for at the upcoming Nationals?

The equestrian Interschools national championships this year are being held in Victoria, at Werribee national equestrian centre. With the opening ceremony on Monday 1 October and finishing on Friday 5 October. I qualified in three disciplines, eventing, show jumping and combined training. However, you are not allowed to compete in all these as it is too much stress on the horse so I have decided to compete in the show jumping and combined training. Clancy Grant has also qualified for the show jumping.

What is the best thing about competing?

The best thing by far is the friends and relationships that you make with people from all over Australia and throughout Victoria. It makes the whole event worthwhile even if your riding part does not turn out like you would have liked, you can still enjoy the time with your friends.

How far would you like to take this sport?

I am not entirely sure how far I would like to take this or in what discipline. But one thing is for sure, I will not be stopping. I certainly would like to take horses up the levels to a more international standard. However, the Olympics would have to be a goal worth aiming for.