Friday 17 August 2018

Eat Up

Year 9 students have been getting busy in the kitchen preparing sandwiches in conjunction with the charity Eat Up that distributes free lunches to children in Schools. On Thursday 16 August as part of the Year 9 Ideals program students helped to make over 300 sandwiches to be distributed to seven different schools in the local community. A team of parent volunteers are also helping to deliver the sandwiches.

Eat Up is an organisation that provides food for hungry kids at local schools. The organisation started in 2013 when founder Lyndon Galea read an article about the number of children that attend school every day without lunch. After he learnt that one in seven students go to school without lunch, he decided to take matters into his own hands and made 100 cheese and vegemite sandwiches to deliver to his local primary school. After this small delivery, the Eat Up organisation has grown to supply food for 47 schools around Victoria. Now with the help of generous volunteers and children at selected schools over 200 sandwiches are made per day to provide a healthy school lunch for a child and this is where we come in.

Year 9 students Mia Kovacevic and Ceren Gover had this to say about the experience ‘’We as students at Ivanhoe Grammar School are very passionate about contributing to this organisation. We believe that you can only learn to the best of your ability when you have eaten a healthy and nutritional meal which every student deserves to have. Our team make 200-300 sandwiches per week for local schools in our area. We could definitely say that we enjoy doing this, as we know we may be the reason one less child goes to school hungry.’’