Wednesday 08 April 2020

Easter Chapel Service

It’s hard not to enjoy one of Buckley House Chaplain Pieter Keuneman’s services. So we were very excited when we heard that Mr Keuneman and Mr McInerney were starring in a virtual Easter Service. This is the brainchild of Mr Keuneman and enables students to be a part of their usual chapel service from home. It was very important to our Buckley House Chaplain that students wouldn’t miss out on their usual chapel service.

This special service is a fun and interactive treasure hunt that follows Grumpy Pirate Pete’s journey and tells the story of Easter. It also includes Easter colouring-in activities to download for children to enjoy as well.

Thank you to Mr Keuneman and Mr McInerney aka Grumpy Pirate Pete for being so innovative and creating this joyful Easter service for our primary children and community.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter, we hope that you and your loved ones have an enjoyable time and can still catch-up online on the many online apps available such as Zoom or Houseparty.

Just log into Ivanhoe Connect and go to School Updates under Communications in the main menu to access this virtual service and for many more helpful resources like this.

Please contact your Head of Campus if your child needs support from one of our chaplains, pastoral care staff or psychologists. We are also continuing to provide resources and information for student wellbeing at this time, in the School Update section of Ivanhoe Connect.