Wednesday 26 October 2016

Driver’s Education Excursion

Year 10 students took part in a Driver’s education excursion where they got the enviable chance to race each other around a Go Kart Track alongside completing a drivers’ licence practice test. This excursion was the culmination of the theory studied during the previous couple of weeks in the classroom.

On arrival students had to register on computers before the group of twenty-five were briefed about protocols on the track. As the group was too big for all to be on the track in one go, they were split into two groups.

While one group was sitting outside in the fresh air completing a drivers’ licence practice test, the other had the opportunity to drive around the track under the supervision of driving instructors. They had to complete a series of different exercises e.g. swerving around a path marked out by cones without knocking over any cones. After that students were allowed to race around the track for a while before the second group got their chance to do the same routine.

It was no surprise that the latter part (racing around the track) was the part that students enjoyed the most. Score was being kept and displayed on a television screen of the lap times of each student so there was a fair bit of competitive spirit in the air. After both groups completed their laps a debriefing took place. It was encouraging to see how excited the students were and how keen they were to discuss their experiences and what they had learnt from it.