Monday 29 August 2016

Discover Melbourne

Throughout Week 7 of Term 3, Year 8 students embarked on a Discover Melbourne excursion as part of their studies. A different learning theme was assigned for each day and a variety of activities were planned around each theme.

Themes for the week included The bones beneath the skin, Going back and Commerce culture. On Monday students visited Eureka Tower to take in the geographical landscape of the city and its surrounds, then they visited the Yarra River to discuss Aboriginal heritage, land use and urban renewal. Finally, a tour of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre of the Moving Image capped off a fantastic day.

Covering the theme, Going back students got to visit some of Melbourne’s oldest buildings and looked into Victoria’s history. Tours of Parliament House and Melbourne Museum were highlights of the day alongside the Exhibition Building and surrounding gardens. After lunch students were very excited to visit Old Melbourne Gaol and the Old Treasury Building.

On the final day of the excursion students explored the theme of Commerce and culture, starting the day off at Queen Victoria Market which is one of Melbourne’s most historic landmarks. A walk through the city and tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground finished off another wonderful day.

Students gained invaluable insights into the city’s diverse culture and history, as well as an opportunity to enhance their learning with real world case studies.