Thursday 01 December 2016

Deborah Sukarna’s Farewell

Over 150 current and past staff and members of the Board of Governors gathered at Plenty Campus to farewell Deputy Principal/ Head of the Plenty Campus, Deb Sukarna as she concludes her time at Ivanhoe Grammar School.

Deb’s 20 years of outstanding service was acknowledged by the Principal, by the Deputy Head of Plenty Campus and by the Chairman of the Board. They paid tribute to her incredible energy and work ethic, her leadership of Buckley House and then Plenty Campus and her commitment to providing the very best education for Ivanhoe’s students.

Deb began her teaching career in 1978 and since her first day in the classroom has always been known by her philosophy of putting children first. She has been recognised internationally for her expertise in primary literacy and has held many notable roles during her time at Ivanhoe Grammar School. First as the Head of Buckley House, Ivanhoe Campus then as Deputy Principal overseeing all Primary Education at the School including Plenty Campus.

Deb has inspired many during her time at Ivanhoe and will be missed by staff, students and parents and we wish her well in her future endeavours.