Thursday 08 September 2016

Debating Success

On Wednesday 7 September three Ivanhoe debating teams competed in the Octofinals, which is the first of the serious debating finals. All three teams won which means they will progress to the Quarter Finals next term.

As a result the three Ivanhoe teams that have proceeded are considered one of the top eight teams in the state. This is an incredible result and a reflection of the hard work and determination of the students as well as the exceptional debating program offered at Ivanhoe.

It has also just been announced that Olivia Gliddon from Year 9 and Lucy Coulter from Year 10 will be receiving Swannie Awards. The Swannie Awards are awarded to the speaker in each region and grade who has the highest average speaker score after completing at least three debates during the year. This means they have the highest individual speaker scores for their year level in the Ivanhoe region.

The Swannie Awards are designed to celebrate students who are receiving consistently strong scores across their debates and we congratulate both Olivia and Lucy on this outstanding recognition.

The names of the students involved are:

Jethro Worsam Year 9

Tom Salomon Year 9

Jacqui Krienke Year 9

Olivia Gliddon Year 9

Marlo Doogue Year 9

Mila Simkus Year 9

Alice Beresford Year 9

Georgia Nassour Year 9

Annaliese Filillpis Year 9

Amelia Rothnie Year 9

Will Rothnie Year 12

Finn Turpin Year 12

Stephanie Elovaris Year 12

Saskia Veldkamp Year 12

Sophie Horsford Year 12