Monday 29 August 2016

Cultural Visitors

During Term 3 students from Ivanhoe Grammar School’s sister school in Japan, Shoyokan High School attended Year 11 classes and immersed themselves in the local culture and school-life. The visitors took part in all the normal school day activities, attending classes and presentations as well as the House Athletics Carnival.

The female Japanese students were very impressed with how the classes were run and the respectful and collegial relationships between students and teachers. They thoroughly enjoyed living with their host families and the cultural exchange between the students and their host families was invaluable.

Sightseeing was also on the agenda with trips to Melbourne Star and Eurkea Tower, which the visitors enjoyed along with some rock climbing as well.

The host students and their families enjoyed the experience, learning so much from the overseas visitors. A big thank you to Year 12 student Aleksandar Nikolic, Year 10 student Hannah Dalgleish, Year 11 students Ben Di Giorgio, Daniel Traicos and Janelle Tan for being so hospitable and helpful to the Japanese students during their stay.