Thursday 10 May 2018

Cubes for Cambodia

This year, our Cambodia Service Project runs from June 23 – July 7 and will see our largest cohort yet of 77 staff and students (including Matthew, Katherine, Ben and Vaida pictured below) making the journey.

Fabulous fundraising continues on from Term 1 with some tremendous effort from students and staff alike. The fundraising is in aid of supporting local community organisations, helping purchase building and school materials for local schools and other projects.

One such effort is Cubes for Cambodia, organised by past student Ethan Pride (’17). Ethan has continued in his tireless efforts to keep on fundraising for our Cambodia Service Project three years on from his own trip. His innovative, Cubes for Cambodia, sees over 100 Rubik’s enthusiasts ‘speedcubing’ and raising money at the same time. Ethan has run the event, held at our Plenty Campus, for three years, raising over $8,000 to go towards our fundraising for our Cambodia Project.

This year’s event was held last Sunday and saw Melbourne’s, Feliks Zemdegs breaking his own world record, solving the cube in 4.22 seconds using only 38 moves. Well done Ethan. We really appreciate you fundraising for this year’s Cambodia Service Project. Thank you for your continuing support.

Check out the world record being broken: