Sunday 24 July 2016

Coffee Course for Commerce students

On Thursday 14 July, fifteen Year 10 students attended a coffee course at Bean Alliance. Students learnt all about the coffee industry and their newly acquired coffee making skills will greatly assist them with the student-run café, making espresso and hot chocolates.

All the students involved received professional training and accreditation from Bean Alliance, a major coffee roasting and distribution facility. At the training facility students learned about the operations and how the beans are produced, received a tour of the plant as well as learnt the art of coffee making.

This exciting initiative provides students with practical experience in an entrepreneurial venture; they will learn the concepts of running a small business and gain real skills to assist in employment opportunities and experience in customer service. This includes accounting, profit and loss, cash recording, business management, customer service, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply and demand, market trends, legal studies, workplace hygiene and occupational health and safety.

The newly accredited baristas will put their skills to use at various events throughout the year in the student-run café called the Enterprise Centre on Campus. All the money raised from this venture will be donated to Round Square charities supported by the School.