Thursday 13 November 2014

Chelsworth Park

Ivanhoe Grammar School is delighted to announce that the Banyule City Council has agreed to extend the current lease arrangement with the School, with respect to Chelsworth Park. The lease arrangement that was agreed upon sees the School continuing to manage and maintain this open space showpiece of the City of Banyule for the next 20 years, with two five year options to follow.

Commenting on the decision, Principal of Ivanhoe Grammar School, Mr Rod Fraser commended all those involved in the lengthy but thorough process. “This decision was reached after extensive consultation between community groups, the Council and the School resulting in what is no doubt, a win for everyone. As a School and as part of the local community for the past 100 years, we see Chelsworth Park as a significant community asset and we are delighted to do our part to maintain the area in a condition that all users including residents, community groups and schools, can be justifiably proud. We thank the Council for acknowledging our work at Chelsworth Park over the past 30 years and thank them for entrusting us with the task over the next 30. ”

The lease agreement sees Ivanhoe Grammar School as a significant contributor to the award-winning water harvesting project that was successfully completed recently at Chelsworth Park and is in line with the School‘s own policy of sustainability which is in practice at the School’s Ivanhoe Campus.