Tuesday 28 November 2023

Character Education

In 2023, the Ivanhoe Grammar School Cadet Unit received recognition from the Character.org association for exemplifying several of the 11 Principles of Character.

This achievement was officially recognised recently in Washington at the 2023 30th Anniversary Forum. The Principal Gerard Foley and Deputy Principal/ Head of Plenty Campus Fiona Devlin attended the 30th anniversary of Character.org in Washington to further develop the School’s framework and partnership in this important space that is the founding philosophy of an Ivanhoe education. Ivanhoe Grammar School was officially awarded a Promising Practice award during the conference, for the Ivanhoe Grammar School Cadet Program and its contribution to developing leadership and young people of character.

Reflecting on the experience at the forum, Deputy Principal and Head of Plenty Campus, Fiona Devlin, said, ‘To be surrounded by so many educators across the US and around the world, all with the passion of developing young people of character was simply amazing, and it affirmed the work that Ivanhoe Grammar School is already doing and will further contribute to such an important part of a holistic education.’

She went on to mention the significant impact the training in the US will have on the school’s character direction and strategic plan. Fiona Devlin emphasised, “This is an exciting prospect for the future of Ivanhoe.”

The Ivanhoe Cadet Program fosters a sense of camaraderie within the community, strengthens the existing bonds, and develops skills, leadership, resilience, and friendships among students that may not have occurred otherwise.

‘My favourite memory of school is cadet camp; it allowed me to grow my leadership skills while also making so many new friends.’ – 2022 graduate.