Monday 14 July 2014

Centenary Heritage Trail

A major project currently underway is the installation of a heritage trail taking in all parts of the School including St James Anglican Church where the School commenced, Buckley House and Plenty Campus.

The purpose of the trail is to provide a directed walk through these sections of the School highlighting the history of various buildings and locations with a series of display boards, some free standing and some attached to the buildings they describe.

A number of the School’s buildings have had interesting and varied lives and archives volunteer, Keith Wilkinson (OIG ’61) has spent many hours researching this information. While the boards themselves will not have the scope to cover the entire history of each place, visitors enjoying the trail will be given a booklet that will provide more information as well historical pictures and fun anecdotes.

The heritage trail will also add greatly to our students' understanding of the history of their school and is likely to foster a great deal of interest.