Tuesday 19 December 2017

Celebrating the Class of 2017 – Scott Chandrasiri

Today for Celebration Month, we are sharing the story of Year 12 graduate, Scott Chandrasiri.

Scott is well known in the school community for his beautiful singing voice, but he says that the arts are something he likes to keep separate to the classroom. While at school, he was involved in a number of co-curricular activities, and the annual school musical was his favourite.

When it comes to study, however, Scott is a maths and science man. He was involved in the National Youth Science Forum and for his VCE, he took on as many maths subjects as humanly possible. He knew he had to work hard, Scott wants to study Medicine, but with the announcement of ATAR results on Friday, he was very happy with “a solid 98.5” which will give him plenty of options to study at a wide range of universities next year.

In preparation, Scott travelled to Queensland this year to volunteer at Prince Charles Hospital in the critical care unit. Building on his aspiration to go into medicine and eventually become a doctor, Scott used this time to get to understand patients in critical care, what they need and want. Scott hopes to eventually go into Paediatrics and Medical Advocacy.

Scott’s favourite memory of school is a bittersweet moment he shared with fellow performer, Thomas Currie. On the closing night of the school musical, they stood backstage together, listening to the last strains of the finale, reflecting silently on the fact that it was the end of an era for both of them. For Scott, school was all about his friends, some he has known for 13 years.

It seems fitting, then, to share with you this video of Scott and Thomas performing “Au fond du temple saint”, or “The Friendship Duet” from the Pearl Fishers.


Well done Scott, and congratulations from everyone at Ivanhoe Grammar School.