Thursday 02 November 2023

Catalysts for Change

On Wednesday 1 November, Notables – Catalysts for Change Expos were held at both Plenty Campus and Ridgeway Campus. Formerly known as Night of Notables, this year the program was re-branded as Notables – Catalysts for Change and the notable people that students researched are known as changemakers. The expos celebrated the incredible journey of our Year 8 students, who embarked on an exploration of these remarkable individuals.

This signature project, unique to Year 8, runs during Term 4, before the Early Commencement Period. It required each student to research a person who is leading change in our world. The project culminated in students creating a display for presentation at school to showcase their learning. The program involved a full schedule of research and classroom activities as students learned about their changemakers.

Throughout their English and Humanities studies in Term 4, students delved into the lives and contributions of notable people who have left an indelible mark on society. They researched, analysed, and passionately advocated for their chosen catalysts for change.

‘The study of history, as well as the pursuit of knowledge, is a journey that constantly reminds us of the incredible impact that individuals can have on the world. It reminds us that one person, one idea, one action can be the spark that ignites transformative change, creating ripples that resonate through time,’ said Head of Year 8 – Ridgeway Campus, Daniel Verrocchi.

The expos provided students with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge in a wonderfully positive and supportive environment and it was clear that they had a deep understanding of their changemakers.

Congratulations to everyone who helped to make these cross-campus events such a success.