Wednesday 13 May 2015

Carlton AFL players visit Buckley House

Buckley House students were one of approximately 20 schools in the Northern Region who received a visit from a Carlton AFL player that day as part of their community program.

The players were at the School for 90 minutes. For the first 45 minutes they were in the Innovation Centre with the Year 4’s to discuss Nutrition and Health which is the Year 4’s current integrated topic. The boys were good sports, joining in a fun quiz answering questions ‘Sale of the Century’ style that each student had made up. When they knew an answer the players had to yell out their favourite healthy food. Hearing the big, tough players yell out foods like ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Grilled Salmon’ at the top of their voice was priceless.

For the last 45 minutes the players took the Year 6 team through their paces in a training session. The AFL players taught the students in the team a few tricks of the trade. Our School team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved the opportunity to rub shoulders with elite AFL players. The players were fantastic with our students, interacting with them and making sure everybody had a good time.

Thank You to the Carlton Football Club for providing the opportunity to have these players at our School.