Wednesday 13 May 2015

Cadet Shield Award

A history making event was achieved at the Ceremonial Parade as Ridgeway 4 Platoon won all three Cadet Shields this year, which has never been achieved by any platoon before. The three shields are:

Redhead Shield: is named after Frank Redhead, a past student who was captured by the Japanese at the fall of Ambon in WWII. He escaped with six others and, using a small rowboat, took three months to reach Darwin. He then joined what was to become the SAS. This is awarded to a platoon from each campus with the highest cumulative score for the various exercises.

Rhoden Shield: is named after a WWII hero, Phil Rhoden, who later became Honorary Colonel of the Unit. It is awarded to the platoon with the best Dress and Drill in the various drill competitions and inspections throughout the Cadet year, across both campuses. The final result is decided by the Drill Competition on the last day of Annual Camp.

Scott Shield: is named after a Ridgeway student, Will Scott, who was the Unit’s RSM. His family instigated this competition to honour Will and it is awarded to the platoon which is the best Organised and Efficient whilst at camp. Sometimes referred to as the Camp Efficiency Competition, it is decided by the two RSMs, based on their inspections throughout the year.