Monday 08 May 2017

Cadet Ceremonial Parade

Autumn turned on all its glory for the Fifty-Sixth Annual Cadet Ceremonial Parade on Thursday. The parade marks the end of the Cadet year, and is the highlight of the Cadet Program calendar.

A proud tradition of Ivanhoe Grammar School, the Cadet Unit dates back to 1923 but its current iteration as a student leadership program was formed in 1961. Students have the opportunity to join the Cadet Unit in Year 9 where they undertake a year of basic recruit training. Skills learned during this period are military in nature but relate to life in the real world; navigation, communication and survival skills. In Year 10, students can opt to become leaders of new recruits and in Years 11 and 12, further leadership training programs can be undertaken. Platoons of up to 30 Cadets may have one Year 12 student as their senior leader, supported by a team of student leaders in Years 10 and 11. In this way, the Cadet Program provides invaluable peer leaderships skills for students, and the Annual Cadet Ceremonial Parade is the culmination of all that they have achieved for the year.

COL Jason Cook, Commander of the Cadet Brigade Victoria, reviewed the unit and we also welcomed Alumni students, past cadets and honoured military guests.