Monday 28 August 2017

Business Week

Our Plenty Campus recently celebrated its annual Business Week and students studying Units 1 and 2 of Business Management put their heads together to create a business aimed at raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. In an effort to learn about how a successful business can market their goods or services, students form teams and come up with a unique business idea. The teams were in competition to see who could raise the most money so in the lead-up to Business Week, teams put their marketing skills to the test in an effort to muscle-out the competition!

The total donation to the RCH was over $1000, and the winning team raised more than $500 by buying pizzas and doughnuts in bulk and selling them individually. Year 11 student Jesse King outlined the planning that went into such a successful project, commenting that “it was a great experience that was fun and enjoyable, we raised a lot of money and it went to a good cause.” His teammate Adrian agreed with him, saying “We learnt as a group how to successfully promote our business, deal with customers in an appropriate manner and most importantly how to deal with suppliers.”

There was a lot of food selling during Business Week (they know their target market!) and other teams included a Taco Stall, Chips Stall, Milkshake Stand, Sausage Sizzle and a Basketball Competition.

Congratulations to all involved on a very successful fundraiser, not to mention the experience gained in planning and running a small business.