Monday 03 April 2023

Primary Swimming Season Concludes with Impressive Results

The swimming season for our primary students for 2023 has come to a close, and what a successful season it has been! The children have worked incredibly hard, and their hard work has paid off with many swimmers setting personal bests (PBs) and improving their performance in the pool. All of the swimmers enjoyed being part of the team and are looking forward to next year’s season. Over the past few weeks, the team has participated in two significant events that have showcased their talent and dedication to the sport.

The AGSV Swimming Championships was one of the highlights of the season. The team got to swim at MSAC, Victoria’s Number 1 pool, and it was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. The swimmers gave it their all, and their hard work paid off with impressive results. The Northern Region swimming championships was another significant event, and over 14  swimmers participated. The competition was fierce, with over 1000 schools comprising one-quarter of Melbourne competing. To qualify for the state finals, the swimmers had to win their races, which made it a cut-throat and tough competition.

We are proud to announce that our Under 12 boys group qualified for both the 4 x 50m medley and the 4 x 50m Freestyle State Finals by winning their events. Liam and Leonardo also qualified for the State Finals by winning their Butterfly and Backstroke events. We wish Liam, Leonardo, Andrew, Daniel, and Bowie all the best as they head back to MSAC early next term for their State event. We are confident they will represent the Buckley House swimming team with pride and dedication, and we cannot wait to see them in action.

Overall, the swimming season for 2023 was a resounding success, and we are incredibly proud of all the swimmers who have put in a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. We look forward to the next season and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this talented group of swimmers.