Monday 24 July 2017

Buckley House sisters donate their hair to charity

Buckley House sisters Riley (Year 1) and Fairley (ELC 4) recently donated their locks to Variety Australia.

Both long-haired girls, big sister Riley had been keen to get her hair cut into a bob for a while. Little sister Fairley wanted a ‘blob’ (as she called it) after a friend did the same, keeping her ponytail as a souvenir. When they went to their appointment at Elliott Steele in Eaglemont, the lovely hairdresser explained that the girls could donate their ponytails to Variety Australia. Big sister Riley was an immediate yes, but little sister Fairley had her heart set on taking home a ponytail like her friend. When Riley explained to her that donating her hair would help to make wigs for sick children, Fairley happily agreed to donate hers as well.

Both girls received a certificate and are so proud to say that their haircut helped sick children. Now they can’t wait for their hair to grow long so they can cut it and donate it again, and they’ve convinced a few of their friends to do the same!

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