Tuesday 24 October 2023

Buckley House Global Leaders and Captains

Leading the charge in the sustainability movement are the Buckley House Global Leaders and Captains. They exemplify the values of responsibility, innovation, and ethical choices, developing and managing many innovative new projects, such as recycling plastic bottle lids for 3D printing. What might seem like a small initiative holds significant power and potential. It not only reduces plastic waste but also showcases the power of courage and creativity. Students from all classes are participating at Buckley House, illustrating that small actions when taken together, can lead to impactful change.

At the start of  Term 4, the Buckley House Global Leaders set tremendous examples, propelling us toward a greener and more sustainable future. A recent visit from the Senior School also introduced our Primary students to fresh ideas on environmental conservation and waste reduction. The exchange was a source of inspiration for our Global Leaders, who are now exploring new strategies to drive sustainability.

The Global Leaders and Captains have been working together to make tangible change and are sending a message to the wider community about the potential of student-led sustainability initiatives. Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainability journey and the incredible contributions of our Global Leaders.